Path Of The Master

Path of The Master

My path as a Soul Shibari master started with Aikido and with Tribal Dancing

Aikido is a Japanese martial art with a philosophy which is close to me: “Strength and energy are directed against each other” In Shibari the strength and energy of the tied up person is fully directed to its own comfort and relaxation. Why? He completely or partially loses control over the situation, voluntarily transfers it to the one who ties him up. He does not need to fight any more, he just has to relax and  have a deep look inside himself.

From the martial art, I took the spirit of perseverance, confidence and total concentration. Some positions and techniques of Shibari were captured from Aikido and are actively used in practice.

My path as a Soul Shibari master started with Aikido and with Tribal Dancing

I felt a lack of manifestation of female energy. The desire to turn from the images of a “strong warrior” into a “seductive priestess” led me to start Tribal dance. When I was dancing, I moved like a snake in a beautiful, light snake scale. I learned the plasticity of movements with the whole body, down to the tips of my fingers. In this dance I could feel the legacy of ritual movements, the mystery of the female essence.

A mixture of severity and plasticity of the movements left a mark on my style of binding. Playing on contrasts, sweet tenderness in one second is replaced by painful rigidity – the one in ropes never knows what will happen next. It overwhelms absolutely opposite emotions: fear and anticipation. That’s what I’m trying to achieve during the sessions.

Tribal and Aikido were the beginning of my journey to Soul Shibari, but I’m constantly looking for something new. The knowledge of other practices are small rivers flowing into an endless sea, which is a reflection of me and of what I create.

Shibari Master сhronology and auxiliary practices

Aikido Yoshinkan
East Tribal dance
Since 2010
The Shibari practice started with video lessons of American bondage players “Two crazy boys”
June 2013
Took part in the Rope Fest festival in 2013 (St. Petersburg). Famous shibari masters such as Esinem (Great Britain) and Riccardo Sergnese "Wildties" (Italy) were invited to create workshops
October 2013
Organized and attended the seminars in Kiev of the master PhilipAnn (France), who had been a student of the Japanese master Haruki Yukimura
December 2013
Workshop of PhilipAnn (France) in Minsk
January 2014
Organized and participated in the workshop in Kiev of the master Boris Mosafir (Russia)
January-June 2014Studied shibari and was a model on a permanent basis of PhilipAnn (France) in Paris
April 2014
Visited the workshop of the master Akira Naka (Japan) as part of the Moscow Knot festival (Moscow)
October 2014Participant of the Rope Fest festival (St. Petersburg)
March 2015
Organized shibari event with the participation of foreign masters in Kiev. Masters such as Maxim Kalahari (Russia) and Mikhail Balabanchik (Belarus)
Since april 2015
Creating a community Shibari Projects Ukraine in Facebook and Vkontakte. Development of the author's intensive course "Shibari from A to Z" and holding regular seminars for groups of different levels
November 2015
Participant of a theme party Fetish faculty and international festival Rope Fest 2015 (St. Petersburg)
November 2015Organizer and participant of the first international shibari festival in Kiev "Shi Fest Ukraine 2015". There were invited such masters as Nicolas Arnoys (France), Maxim Kalahari (Russia) and Mikhail Balabanchik (Belarus)
January-March 2016Conducted seminars, performances, participated in photo projects, was a shibari model from the master Bodhi Zapha (Great Britain) in Koh Phangan (Thailand)
July 016
Studied at the seminars with the master Andrea Rope (Italy) in Kharkov
August 2016
The organizer and participant of the first international shibari festival Shi Fest Ukraine 2016 in Kiev
Tatyana organized and participated in the Maxim Kalahari workshop (Russia) and the Bodhi Zakha seminars (Great Britain)
September 2016Organized and participated in the seminars of the master Nicolas Arnoys (France) in Kiev, performed at the Sakura theme party with master Nicolas Arnoys
October 2016
Participant of the shibari show for the famous Ukrainian fashion designer Ivan Frolov within the framework of Ukrainian Fashion Week
April 2017Workshop and shibari seminar in the center of spiritual development of the ‘Tree of Life’ in Moscow
May 2017
Made workshops “Shibari basics” as a Shibari Travel project in Ko Phangan (Thailand)
August-October 2017
Opening of the first Shibari Theater in Bali. Shibari workshops
March-April 2018Private lessons from Naka Akira и Kinoko Hajime in Tokyo
August 2018The main organizer of ShiFest Ukraine 2018 In Kyiv
February 2019Perfomance at "Yada.Kinbaku studio" in Bangkok
April 2019Private lessons from Naka Akira, Ren Yagami и в IchiNawa school Tokio
May 2019Perfomance at anti-art patrty "Ebinnae" in Venice